PV modules made in Germany – Soluxtec unveils DMMXSCNi, its first n-type solar module

Our next BIG milestone in our growth strategy. We are one step closer to setting up a new production facility with a capacity of upto 500 MW in Industrial Park Trier, Föhren, Germany  not far from our first production facility in Bitburg.

This facility will be equipped with state of the art and latest equipment and machinery. The production line will be equipped to manufacture the latest generation of SOLUXTEC modules with M6 and M10 solar cells. The location is within the industrial park in Föhren and very close to highway giving it an advantage in terms of approach, proximity and logistic comfort. In the coming months we will be setting up the production line and the related aesthetics.

We have consciously opted for "whole/full solar cells" even for our latest generation of modules. This gives us a unique proposition in comparison to majority of the competitors worldwide.


“We are aware that the decision to produce with full cell might marginally impact the output  by a few Wp less but we do not want to rely on the still relatively young trend of ‘cutting through a solar cell’ in the interests of our customers, our experiences and the guarantees provided.”  explains the CTO.

“At Soluxtec our mission is to provide the highest quality, cost effective renewable energy products to customers and reduce energy costs and carbon footprint. While we continue to invest in innovative solutions our end goal is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and avoid performance issues in the long run. The half-cut cell technology is still to be explored fully to understand the performance parameters in the long run. As of today, we are able to deliver high and sustainable performance even with traditional full cells” - adds CTO.

“We are expecting to achieve module efficiency of ~ 21% with our next generation DMMX ( solar cells of size M10 )  modules even with the traditional full cells. We are convinced that our new product range is at par with most of the international manufacturers and it is further validated by the high interest shown in our upcoming products. The response is even better than our expectations and 50% of the production volume can already be pre-booked through our long-standing and trusted partners”, explains the managing director Tim Leutert.

Tim Leutert, PDG de Soluxtec